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Best practices when conducting a visitor survey

Posted on 6/29/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
In a perfect world, visitor surveys would occur on a single day. This process makes it simpler to determine if a particular market obtained a representative sample of responses depending on the turnout on that particular day. Surveying the week after a Visitor Count is the next best option if it's impossible to do both the visitor surveys and visitor count on the same day.

The market will be able to schedule the same data collection team for successive weeks via a survey tool, and the relationship between attendance and survey numbers will be closer as a result.

Best Practices for a Visitor Survey

There are practical steps that need to be followed with the use of online survey software to actualize the conduction of a successful visitor survey. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Find Sample Size, Select the Number and Interval of Data Collectors

The number of surveys required to yield a sufficiently representative sample is known as the sample size. To reach the broadest range of customers, try to get your lowest sample size throughout (at least about two).

Who is chosen and who decides to participate may be influenced by biases held by the respondents and data collectors. Survey participants should be selected at random for surveys, nevertheless.

Step2. Draw the relevant Survey Line

Determine the areas of your market where a survey may be conducted. It usually works well close to the market information booth or any big entrance. In the area of survey, you can draw a line. The adults will be counted by data collectors who will also count those who pass the line. Every ‘Nth” adult will then be invited (the "Nth adult" refers to the interval of the selection process) to participate in the survey.

Step 3. Arrange Materials

Add your market's name, the survey date, the intended quantity of surveys to be eventually completed, and the recommended selection interval to the Visitor Survey template. Print plenty of extra surveys and the number necessary to achieve your target. Collect enough pens, pencils, and clipboards to be used by your data collectors.

Some of the optional resources, such as hand clickers, should be used for each data collector performing interval counting, chalk to mark the survey line, and stickers to hand out to survey participants.

Step 4. Application

Determine the survey's administration location and the selection interval's methodology (for example, counting participants who pass the "survey line").

If possible, designate one of your data collectors who shall be responsible for overseeing interval selection. They will approach each market patron who crosses the specified survey line, inquire about their willingness to participate in a brief survey, and then lead them to the data collector holding the questionnaires. For more significant markets, this is especially crucial.

Check-in with the data collectors to ask questions and learn about their individual experiences.


Perform a few fun exercises with the collectors just before they start collecting so they are assured of their surveys immediately. Market surveys are more effective and enjoyable when it is fun.

You can take them out and make them perform some fast role plays for a few minutes, or even switch locations.
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