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Best practices for using an online event planning survey

Posted on 9/2/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
For the event planner, surveys are one of the most valuable tools you can use. Surveys are perfect for planning trade shows, office parties, conferences, and celebrations. They can be used at any point in the planning process, and they give you the most accurate snapshot of who your attendees are and what they love most or wish could be changed about the events they attend.

This allows you to plan each and every event using your attendees preferences as a road map for each decision along the way. For some, using an event planning survey is a brand new practice and implementing surveys may seem a little overwhelming. Don’t worry! We have put together a list of the best practices for using an online survey software.

1. Send A Survey Before Planning the Event

Before planning an event, a survey can be used to gauge the interests and preferences of the individuals who may be attending your event. Using the guest list, send a survey out far enough in advance to make the survey results an integral part of your planning process. Sending out a survey is also another way for you to promote your event to potential attendees and get the most accurate headcount before you begin planning.

2. Show Your Attendees Their Responses Matter

As an event planner, you are sure to use the results of your pre-event survey. Still, with so many factors at play during the event, it may be difficult for your guests to realize how their responses mattered during planning. Make a point throughout the event to point out decisions that were made based on their responses to the pre-event survey.

 3. Use A Survey During The Event to Encourage Engagement

Surveys are not only useful before the event begins. Once your event is underway, asking your attendees to complete a survey is great way to encourage them to stay engaged throughout the event. Additionally, capture their attention by tallying results and sharing them before the event is over.

4. Ask For Feedback After The Event

Just because the event is over, that doesn’t mean surveys no longer play a role in your job as an event planner. A post-event survey is the most accurate way to determine what worked, and what didn’t after the event is over. The results of a post-event survey are a tool for you to learn what can be done differently next time and for professional growth in your role as an event planner.

5. Offer Incentives For Survey Responses

Survey responses are intended to create a picture of who your attendees are and what they prefer. Because of this, you need as many guests as possible to complete surveys to provide the most accurate and representative snapshot of your attendees. In some cases, attendees may need encouragement to complete event surveys. Offering a small gift, a discount, or using their response as an entry in a raffle is a great way to incentivize survey responses.

An online survey software makes putting each of these things into practice as simple and efficient as possible. By using a survey tool, you can distribute surveys electronically to each of your attendees and generate reports based on their responses. As a busy event planner, with many responsibilities, you will find a survey software to be one of your most valuable tools during the event planning process.
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