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Best practices for implementing a tech support survey

Posted on 7/4/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Although technology has drastically improved through the years, one thing that hasn't changed is the demand for quality tech and customer support. You'll always have customers that have issues with either your service/product or their customer service experience. Being able to offer them quality support could be the difference between losing or retaining a customer. 

Still, not many companies make the time or investment to measure their tech support quality. Most just assume that once they hire the right candidates, they'll be all that's needed to keep the competitive edge. You must measure the quality of your technical support team and services which is why implementing a tech support survey is extremely valuable. But, how do you do this effectively?

Ask the Right Questions

First, you can start by asking the right questions. Some questions you may want to ask in your online survey software are:
1. How would you rate your overall satisfaction level with our tech support?
2. Did our support team answer all your questions?
3. Did we provide you with a solution to your problem?
4. Do you feel we resolved your issue properly?
5. Did the tech support representative listen to you carefully and immediately respond?
7. How would you rate the tech support representative's behavior and interaction towards you?
6. When accessing our website, how would you rate the simplicity of finding information?

You'll also need a method of answering. Some answering options include:

Multiple choices
Scales: On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being you strongly disagree, 10 being you strongly agree)
Open-ended: Provide details or please explain
Either/or: Yes/No or True/False
Remember, don't just ask the questions. You need to act on the feedback you collect.

Utilize Online Survey Software

Implementing tech survey software is a great way for you to improve and speed up the research process. Fortunately, software will make the process convenient and cost-effective.

Implementing Your Survey Tool

Some benefits of tech survey software include:
- User-friendly tools
- Advanced analysis
- Easy email upload
- Accurate results
- Responsive participant experience
- Automatic online data management
- Some methods of implementing your online survey software include:
- Hard Copy Questionnaires

Hard copy questionnaires are the traditional method of gathering feedback from your customers (or employees). There are several ways of distributing these hard copy surveys. You can hand them out to your customers when they're visiting your organization. You might want to mail the surveys out to your customers. When mailing, you may want to pay for the postage to increase your response rate.

Website Survey Prompt

Another method of collecting feedback is to integrate your tech survey into your website by adding a survey prompt or pop up box right on your site. You'll want to ensure all information you collect is secure and protected and let your site visitors know this.

Send an Email

If you have a customer email list already on file, why not send out your tech support survey via email? It's a quick, cost-effective and green way of getting your responses.

Feedback from your online survey software can help you gather the information you need to make improvements to your organization and enhance your team's productivity. They are a great way for you to create metrics for:

- Analyzing staff
- Monitoring progress
- Developing training manuals
- Making improvements
- And more

Tech survey software provides businesses, big or small, the tools needed to create their surveys with ease, collect and manage information and create analysis through charts, tables, reports and graphs. A little investment of your time and money into an online survey tool is all you need to collect important information you need to make informed business decisions that you'll turn around and make into actionable improvement changes and results.

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