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Best practices for implementing a motivation survey when your employees work remotely

Posted on 4/22/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Many managers and leaders have run into obstacles moving their employees remote. You need to ensure they have their tech set up properly, logged into their video conference accounts permanently, defined their processes, and more.

However, this is only the initial step towards creating an efficient work atmosphere for your remote employees. You then need to keep them motivated to actually work from home. How? One way is by implementing motivation online survey software.

Motivation Surveys for Remote Employees

Using motivation surveys is one of the best ways of maintaining a positive company culture and ensuring a better remote work experience.

And, you'll want to do it early, frequently, and consistently.

Then, you simply act on the feedback you gain. By obtaining your remote employees' feedback, you're not just "checking in on them." You're actually sending them an essential message, including you:

• Care about their successes and struggles
• Want to listen and are available
• Need and want their insight
• Trust their observations and opinions as tools for improvement

Best Practices in Implementing your Remote Employee Motivation Survey Tool

Some best practices for implement a remote employee motivation survey are:

1. Set the Stage

You'll first want to provide your remote workers with the context before sending them your surveys through your survey software. They should gain an understanding of why you're looking for their feedback and once you obtain it, what you'll do with it.

2. Get the Format Right

Regardless of why you're surveying your remote employees, you'll want to design it efficiently and ask questions that will provide you with the best feedback possible. Here's how:

• Include a few open-ended questions, but only a few.
• Include qualitative questions
• Ask based on actions
• Aim for a complete picture

3. Execute Your Survey

You might consider executing a few types of surveys. For instance, you could perform one bigger annual survey to gauge your employees' sentiment and experiences with overall operations. You could implement pulse surveys to gain quick and frequent feedback on a narrower subject with a limited number of questions (i.e. no more than 10).

To get a consistent understanding of how your employees feel about their work, situations around them, etc., and see what you could do to help, repeat the same questions over and over.

4. Follow Up Once Your Surveys Are Sent

Once you close your surveys and have results, share those results with your employees. Let them know you are listening to them, and how you're interpreting the feedback you gained. Most importantly, let them know what you intend on doing with the feedback, when you'll take that action, and how you expect this action, and any improvements that will impact them. And, when you implement changes, you can conduct another survey to see if those changes were favored by employees.

Genuinely motivated remote employees are much more creative and productive. They tend to stick around longer and help reduce employee turnover. Not only is maintaining motivated remote employees beneficial to your company's bottom line, it's also great for the office atmosphere and team spirit.

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