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Best practices for e-commerce customer satisfaction surveys

Posted on 10/2/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Customer satisfaction surveys are not a new concept, but they still have just as much benefit, if not more, as when they were first developed. This type of survey tool provides online businesses with an inside look into how they are doing. This includes feedback on how customers like your products, if your shipping times are satisfactory, and if customers were happy with the service they received when dealing with your customer service department. 

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

By using a customer satisfaction survey, your e-Commerce website will have better potential for success in the long run because you can find areas where you are missing the boat and what things you are doing right.

Some benefits to utilizing customer satisfaction surveys for your business include:

* Seeing trends in how you conduct your business. 
* Identifying customers at risk of leaving to go elsewhere. 
* Finding common issues with your technical system. 
* Holding your employees accountable for mistakes made. 
* Encouraging a business culture of putting your customers first.

Furthermore, it is easy to create these surveys now with the help of online survey software. 

The Best Location

Not knowing where to place the customer satisfaction survey for an online business is a common concern. Some online retailers have these feedback surveys on every page of their website or as pop-ups, but this can be annoying to your customers. Instead, consider having your survey embedded on your order confirmation page. This is a great place to get a quick survey done. Another idea is to have a link in the confirmation email after their product has been mailed. 

Questions to Ask 

When you're ready to get started developing your customer satisfaction survey through survey software, make sure to come up with questions that get right to the point. Consider your audience when deciding how many questions to have on your survey. If the survey is too long, customers may not finish it. Too short, and you may not get enough information to make substantial improvements. Ask your customers questions like: why they chose your store, how they found out about you, if they were satisfied with your shopping cart system, if they were satisfied with their products, and if they would purchase from your store again. 

How to Use Positive Feedback 

When you get positive feedback from a customer satisfaction survey, don't just keep it to yourself. Share it with your employees, especially those mentioned in the survey, such as a customer service rep that helped out a customer. These positive comments help encourage employees to continue doing an excellent job. 

How to Track Satisfaction Scores 

Since you're going to get hundreds or even thousands of responses over time, you will need a way to track the scores. A survey tool designed with online survey software allows you to do this. Look through the responses for certain trends, such as technical issues all with the same product page, or positive comments on another aspect of your store or website. 

Encourage Use 

So how do you get customers to fill out the survey? This is usually the most difficult part. A great way to encourage use of customer satisfaction surveys is by offering a prize for taking them. Enter each customer in a drawing for a gift certificate to your store, for one thing. This not only gives them a reason to fill it out, but the winner will be returning to your store.

Customer satisfaction surveys benefit you greatly, as they give you an inside look into how your business is run and let you identify technical issues you may not be aware of.
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