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Best Practices for Conducting a Nutrition Survey

Posted on 4/7/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

As a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach, dietitian, or another medical professional, you want to help your clients and patients feel better, live healthier, and make positive changes in their lives, therefore, it's important you know what they're doing at home to accomplish this.

Nutrition online survey software can help you do that. It's an easy way of collecting important information about a targeted population's nutritional status inside a specific geographic area. The data you obtain with your survey tool could also help you prepare nutrition assessments.

They're made to help individuals analyze their nutritional deficiencies and needs, guiding them on how to become more health-conscious, and regularize their eating habits. They can help them achieve their desired levels of fitness and maintain a healthy weight. Because you're using survey software that's online, it's accessible to the masses.

They're the ideal tool to pinpoint precisely where your clients need the most help. What goals are they trying to reach; what are the challenges they're facing? You can use the information you collect from your surveys to help them make better mind-body connections.

National nutrition questionnaires need to represent the overall population in certain characteristics like:

• Age
• Region
• Sex
• Health
• Socio-economic circumstances

It's important you get high response rates. Therefore, you should know some of the best practices for conducting your nutrition questionnaire.

Uses for Nutritional Surveys

Nutrition information might be used for various purposes, such as:

• Offering baseline nutrition data to track changes over time
• Measuring coverage for school feeding programs
• Measuring the anemia prevalence in any certain geographical area
• Acquiring data to benefit nutritional counseling
• Providing data for developing community nutritional needs programs
• Understanding population malnourishment issues
• Tracking food consumption trends over time
• Understanding behavioral characteristics relating to eating disorders
• Understanding behavioral trends regarding obesity
• Optimizing support for patients with diseases that are prone to weight loss, such as cancer for example
• Improving nutritional status in groups and communities

How to Properly Conduct your Nutrition Survey

When you're ready to create your survey, first and foremost, it's important you define your survey's goals clearly and what information you're looking for.

When setting survey questions, you'll want them to complement your survey's purpose appropriately. You might want to perform preliminary research to help develop a quality nutrition survey.

Make sure you have a baseline prior to starting a behavior modification, nutrition, or exercise program with new clients. Having a baseline helps you to monitor and track results over time.

Surveys could help you identify the height and weight, health and nutrition, and exercise and diet of your clients. Find out if they're attempting to change their habits during stressful work or home periods and the information you receive to help them create ideal coping strategies.

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