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Best practices for analyzing your customer questionnaire feedback

Posted on 2/11/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There's a reason you see so many retail shops, restaurants, and websites asking for feedback through surveys. They work. With the right survey tool, you can create highly informational surveys that let you know many things about your customers, your brand, customer satisfaction, and public perceptions about your brand.

There's very little you can't figure out if you ask the right survey questions of the right groups of people. However, you have to use the information you gather from the questionnaire effectively in order to get useful information your business can use to grow from them.

Using Analytical Techniques

Create a visual representation of survey results using charts, graphs, and diagrams. This not only helps you understand how each result measures, but also to understand how the results of all the questions measure against each other.

Looking for Trends

The right survey software will allow you to create charts based on a wide range of factors including demographic information, location, etc. to see if specific groups of people may have a common problem or praise for your products, goods, and services.

Take care, though, that you don't jump to conclusions or attempt to skew the data to read what you want to see rather than what's actually there. Using numerical scales for customer answers helps in this particular task making it easier to chart initial results, and then to also chart progress when conducting follow up surveys.

Sharing the Results

This is where the right online survey software comes in truly handy. Create stunning reports, charts, and graphs with the software. These reports are easy to read, informative, and allow for the easy distribution of survey results to the people in positions to make changes the survey suggests are warranted.

Don't forget to share the results with the customers who participated in the survey. Let them know you've heard their voices and are making changes based on the answers they've shared. They will feel much better about the time they invested by participating, and be gratified to know what you're putting their efforts to good use too.

It's a great way to build good will with your customers and it encourages them to participate later on when you ask them to participate in follow up questionnaires to determine how they like the changes and if improvements or changes are still necessary.

Implementing Changes Based on the Results

Change is inevitable for businesses. A simple survey tool can help you identify specific changes needed within your organization. Using survey software to learn where change is needed, though, is only half the battle. You must be willing to make the necessary changes, even if they go against your current wishes or way of thinking or the message you had hoped to send.

Listen to the results and implement changes according to what your customers are telling you. Otherwise your time and money invested in online survey software, creating survey questions that are appropriate to your goals, and analyzing the results is time, money, and resources wasted for your business.

Analyzing customer questionnaires is the easy part when you use software to help guide you. Putting the results into positive action for the sake of your business is in your hands.
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