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Best features to enable you to create your own survey using online survey software

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Survey software isn't just an online tool that lets you list a whole range of questions. It's the perfect way for you to gain insight into what your audience is thinking, feeling and most importantly, what they're looking for. But, how do you create your own survey? Let's explore some of the best features that will help you create your own survey.

1. Create and Analyze as a Team

Online survey software offers simple admin tools and allows for collaboration which helps you work more efficiently.

- Allows for deeper analysis by filtering results so you can create reports based off the only findings you're looking to share.
- Enables other people to edit and send surveys.
- Easily change or add team members whenever you want.
- Provides advanced permission controls for sharing only what you want.
- Lets you create a customized team library for keeping and sharing assets and templates you'll use frequently.

2. Data Collection and Distribution

Reach your audience easily and quickly by emailing questionnaire invitations or sending through SMS. Or you can share them through embedded forms on your website or through social media. This way you can request feedback at anytime and anywhere.

3. Design and Branding

Incorporate the look and feel of your brand and theme into your surveys is simple. You can customize everything from the background image and logo to the question colors and fonts — powerful for branding.

4. Questionnaire Design

In this section, different types of questions are edited, arranged and added; logic is constructed and answer choices are provided. You may even thav3 the ability to import skeletal questionnaires from Word. Most products will have skip logic where you can skip over specific parts of the survey tool and continue at a future question.

For instance, if your respondents answered a question on owning a phone and said they have an iPhone, you'd probably want to skip a question asking them for the brand of their phone since iPhones are the Apple brand.

5. Real-Time Responses

You can watch responses you collect in real-time. Export the data and instantly act on the information, market data, testimonials and satisfaction feedback you receive from your respondents. Make meaningful changes.

6. Distribution

Once you complete a questionnaire, it's ready to send out. At the very least, all packages should offer a website link that's posted on social media or on a website. Some will even provide links throughout various social media networks and some may include email campaign trackers and integrated contact managers. Another great feature of online survey software is to be able to host the survey on your own website.

Utilize these awesome online survey software features to improve your business and gain competitive advantage. 

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