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Best attributes for survey analysis software

Posted on 12/8/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Surveys are designed to ask questions about you and your business. Customer surveys help you measure customer satisfaction or obtain feedback from current or potential consumers. Employee surveys are also designed to assess employee satisfaction.

Various ways can be used to acquire this data, which when combined can be quite useful. You can do one-on-one interviews, use paper questionnaires, or use the most popular online survey tool.

You might be hesitant to create an online survey after reading an article claiming surveys are a waste of money and time. Then we may discuss the aspects of online survey tools that you should search for.

When searching for online survey software, be sure it has these 8 characteristics that could dramatically change the game.

1) Rooted Survey

Taking the survey on your website rather than opening a new window is better for the respondents, especially when taking online feedback surveys. The survey is readily embeddable. A survey invitation can also appear when a visitor visits a certain page on your website. To avoid this, condition the survey to start only when the user sees a clickable call-to-action button.

2) Recurring Polls

A recurrent survey is one that is sent out on a regular basis. You decide the frequency. Weekly, monthly or quarterly surveys can be set up. An automatic repeating survey saves time and improves customer or staff satisfaction. It should be included in the online survey tool.

3) Multiple Feedback Channels

Knowing how the public perceives your product, service, or company is priceless. The polls help you make decisions and prepare ahead.

Choosing an online survey instrument with multichannel feedback is critical. When done correctly and deliberately, this approach improves response rates and can be automated.

4) Reports Segmented

Using segments in your reports allows you to compare data with other subgroups. You may need to compare replies from males and females, age groups, or other demographics. Segments are designed to be arranged in the sequence of creation. An online survey tool that delivers segmented reports will allow you to present your segments in a different order.

In other words, segmented reports allow you to pivot data globally or by individual piece.

5) Linkages

Integrations can save lives! The online survey tool's Integration function facilitates survey design, implementation, and analysis. By integrating with a third party, you can eliminate redundancy. You could export data directly to services like Dropbox without losing any data in the process.

You could easily incorporate your survey into anything using an API. API is a mechanism for apps to communicate with each other. The main API interaction will be enabled via an API access token. Apps can access your account without a password. An API call retrieves survey responses depending on the criteria specified.


There are plenty of additional online survey tools available. Choosing them because they are cheaper or have more features is never a valid rationale. The online survey technology you choose controls how your survey is built and disseminated.
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