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Benefits of sending surveys via email survey software

Posted on 4/5/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Email has done more for marketing than most technologies. It's inexpensive, fast and delivers essential information. Sending surveys through email is considerably more cost effective than using regular mail to conduct your surveys. And, to make things even easier, you can use online survey software which will automatically create a link to direct your respondents to your survey that you host online when they click on that link.

Sending out email surveys will streamline the process of collecting important data you need to improve your business and customer/client satisfaction since it bypasses the traditional phone or mail survey. It saves you money, connects you quickly with recipients and shows your permission-based email subscribers that you value their opinion.

Benefits of Email Survey Software

There are a number of ways that email survey software helps you quickly gather important information such as:

- Gathering feedback on your services or products.
- Finding out if you are meeting the needs of your customers/clients.
- Improving your list of services, product offering or seasonal line.
- Uncovering products your customers would like you to sell.
- Discovering which products your customers like the most.
- Gathering feedback on a sale or special event.
- Finding out how you can improve your sales process or website.

These above are only some types of information you can collect through your email online survey software. The responses you receive will help you shape your business accordingly to meet your recipient's' needs based off their responses.

Tips to Create an Effective Email Survey

There is a particular science behind surveying your recipients through survey software to make your surveys more effective. A few tips to creating that effective email survey include:

Make it Brief

Nobody wants to sit through a 40 minute survey. You can gather essential data while keeping your surveys as brief as possible. The best way to handle a longer survey would be to break it into a few parts and send it to your recipients over a few weeks or months even.

Offer an Incentive

The best way to get your email recipients to fill out your survey is to offer them an incentive. Offer them something that would provide them with some type of value in exchange for their time. This could be a how-to-guide of some sort, a deep discount, or anything you think they would find useful.

Include Open-Ended Questions

When it comes to surveying your customers or clients, true-false or multiple questions are fine. This allows your recipients to quickly answer your survey tool questions with just a few clicks of their mouse. But, you still want to give your clients a chance to express their opinions and elaborate on their responses. After each question, provide them with some extra space and make it optional for them to expand on their thoughts.

Email surveys are easy to create, affordable and a great way to collect essential data you need to improve your business. If you haven't already begun surveying your email recipients, now's the time to plug into your survey software and get started.
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