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Benefits of implementing an employee self assessment survey in your company

Posted on 10/14/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Many employees are on edge when the time for performance evaluations comes around. Providing your employees with a survey tool for self evaluation can alleviate tension in the workplace and take the pressure off of your employees so they can focus on their jobs. Survey software is an excellent tool that can be used to help meet the needs of each employee, resulting in a more productive work environment. Here is how implementing an employee self assessment survey can help you with employee development and increase productivity:

Privacy and Respect

By allowing employees to evaluate themselves in the privacy of their own home, cubicle, or office, some of the performance anxiety is taken away and these individuals can really take the time to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, and give honest and relevant feedback. This kind of evaluation can increase self awareness which can be an eye opener for employees and their employers as well.

As each employee takes the time to carefully consider what they can improve, or what it is about them that makes them an important part of the company, they will be better able to express their needs, share their triumphs and make themselves heard. Online survey software can make this possible.

Open the Lines of Communication

An online survey tool can take some pressure off of both employer and employee, allowing them both to come together in a joint effort to improve productivity. Open communication between both parties encourages a team effort attitude. By promoting the exchange of open, honest feedback employers can help everyone get on the same page and figure out common goals. This provides opportunity to bring up concerns about weak points, special areas of interest, or any programs or resources that could be brought in to advance productivity and further knowledge.

Employees that are included in the evaluation process are more self-aware, not only at evaluation time, but throughout the year. Actively participating in their own evaluations can make employees more aware of their personal contributions to the workplace and keep them focused.

Increase Employee Retention and Development

Employees that feel appreciated and have their needs met will be more enthusiastic about their jobs and look forward to opportunities to grow and advance. Positive feedback can inspire individuals to build their skill sets, remain open to new ideas, and focus on overall improvement. When we have valuable employees who are satisfied at work, we can increase employee retention and build an amazing team of skilled workers with much to offer our company.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Giving your employees an active role in the evaluation process makes them feel that their concerns are heard and their needs are being considered. This ultimately will lead to increased employee retention and productivity. When employees feel that they are appreciated they will excel and advance. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than positive feedback! Give your employees an opportunity to be heard by implementing online survey software in your business today.
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