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Benefits of hosted survey software

Posted on 2/26/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Online survey software is a great tool for marketing, gathering information and customer relations. While there are a lot of options, selecting the perfect solution to suit your particular needs doesn't need to be difficult. Here, you'll learn what hosted online survey software is and how it could benefit you.

What is Hosted Survey Software?

Hosted survey software is a type of software application that you run in your browser. It's a solution for anyone, including:

- Business owners
- Evaluators
- Organization improvement specialists
- Researchers

You can use a survey tool to create:

- Questionnaires
- Electronic surveys
- Feedback reviews
- Polls

You can use it for creating just about any type of online form for data gathering, analyzing, and reporting.

What are the Benefits of Hosted Survey Software?

With this type of survey software, you get immediate access so you can begin creating your surveys without having to install anything. You would just need to grab yourself an account on the survey host. Some benefits include:

1. Powerful Features

You would have access to various features of the hosted survey software which can relieve you from the different administrative tasks like:

- Administration
- Installation
- Backups
- Upgrades

You usually have a few options for hosting too.

2. Low Maintenance

When you use hosted applications, the vendor is responsible for the hardware and survey software and you just need to maintain internet access. Because you don't have any software to download, you get instant access to the survey application. It’s easy to learn and use. And, because no software is required, the time and resources needed for frequent updating are done away with entirely.

3. Accessibility

Access your surveys anytime and from anywhere via a safe and secure encrypted platform. You'll also be able to see and export your information in a standard format at any time. And, you’ll be able to access it and use it 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

4. Conduct All Types of Surveys

Both large and small businesses, and businesses sizes in between, use hosted survey services and survey software to conduct:

- Customer service surveys
- Satisfaction surveys
- Market research surveys
 -Student surveys
- Employee opinion surveys
- Many more types of surveys

5. Full-Featured Survey Tool

You can use a full-featured survey tool to create, manage, analyze and report on your surveys using your own server, by installing survey software or through an online hosted service. You can also use the survey tool to equip your survey with your branding, such as coloring, logos, font style and more.

Try Hosted Survey Software for Yourself

A hosted survey software tool can accommodate any size business and meet your needs. You benefit from complete automation so you don't have to run anything yourself. Use the hosted survey software to help you collect essential information about your clients or customers so you can improve product line, enhance customer support or just basically do better business to adequately meet the needs of your customers.

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