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Benefits of hosted survey software to run your online surveys

Posted on 10/28/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

As accessing the Internet becomes increasingly popular with more reliable, faster and 'always on' connections turning into a common thing, hosted applications continue to expand. Although not all situations are well suited for hosted applications and not every consumer or business will use them, they are perfect for online survey software and provide businesses considerable benefits over in-house installed applications.

Benefits of a Hosted Survey Software Solution

These are just a few of the many benefits of using hosted survey software.

Instant Access

Hosted survey software allows you instant access where you can jump on without having to install anything and begin creating online surveys. It’s as easy as getting an account on an existing survey host or you can have the host set up and manage a survey dedicated strictly for you. As an authorized client, you can log on from anywhere they have access to the Internet to access the application survey tool. Then, you can can work from your office, your home, or any other remote location.

Low Maintenance

When using hosted applications, the survey software and hardware is the vendor's responsibility and the client only has to maintain Internet access. Since there is no software to download, a single company, entire organization or multiple regional offices can have instant access to the hosted application. Plus, since no software is needed, the resources and time needed for frequent updates is eliminated completely.


For companies that possess legacy systems from various vendors that run on distinct operating systems, an integrated solution will be provided by the hosted application to any system that is able to support the standard Internet browser which includes Macs and Windows.

All Features Available

When you work with hosted survey software, you get access to all the features while being relieved of all the tedious tasks like administration, installation, backups and upgrades.

If your online survey software needs are larger and you wish to have your own site hosted for it, however, still don't wish to install and manage the server yourself, this is where a hosted application solution will come in handy. You can still get your own host name, there are no limits on the number of responses you get and you can use available plugins as well. You will get a virtual server setup and dedicated to you and your organization.

It has never been simpler

Hosted survey tools are made to accommodate any size business, small, medium, or large, and handle all their needs. It is pure automation at its best without the hassle of having to run anything yourself. Set up online survey software that will help you gather important information about your customers or clients so you can enhance customer support, improve product line, or just plain do better business to serve your customers’ needs adequately. Hosted survey software allows you to do all of this is more.

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