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Benefits of deploying a cell phone survey for market research

Posted on 5/29/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

If you're concerned cell phones make it difficult to obtain thoughtful, high-quality and detailed information with surveys, concern no more. A study shows there aren't any differences in data measurement or quality between surveys completed through a computer or those through smartphones. But since the majority of people have cellphones and carry them around as they go about their days, they just might offer more benefits than other survey deployment types.

Researchers of this study, which was published in Public Opinion Quarterly, found the participants in the study continued to multitask while on their smartphones and even be around others while using their phones. However, these factors didn't impact the quality of cell phone online survey software data. Respondents of the survey had the same chances of providing thoughtful and conscientious answers and provide sensitive information on their phones as they do their computers.

It's no surprise mobile phones are being used in various ways for collecting information and data around the world, given their increasing functionalities, ubiquity and decreasing related operating and acquisition costs. Although many individuals might believe such efforts would require using expensive, high-end smartphones, all different types of phones have been used successfully in different contexts.

Here are some benefits of conducting a cell phone survey:

- You can reach frequent smartphone users better with mobile surveys. These are usually business people and Millennials.
- You can easily send a clickable link in an email to your target audience to download your mobile survey.
- Mobile survey software is more versatile than computer online surveys because respondents can record their voice, send pictures or write notes on their phones.
- You can determine if your intended respondent is the individual who's actually using your survey tool to take the survey rather than a "bot" program.
- You can gather local or real-time input using mobile surveys. You won't have to wait for your respondents to log onto their computers. They can complete your survey no matter where they are.

These are only a few of the many benefits of conducting a cell phone survey. You have so much opportunity to collect important data from your targeted audience by sending out surveys to their mobile devices. By doing so, you increase your chances of getting them to respond and take the time to fill your survey out. Often times, people have downtime, whether sitting at a doctors office or passenger in a car or subway, that they can provide their feedback at their convenience.

The importance of smartphone internet for both the economy and society is growing. More people are using their mobile devices to surf the web and free themselves from the stationary computer. Therefore, the thought is that the majority of web-based survey respondents will likely be completing their surveys on their mobile devices. Companies are now using this to their advantage to collect important feedback and data to help them make necessary improvements.

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