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Benefits of conducting a student survey over the summer using survey software

Posted on 6/20/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A student survey is a huge resource to help educators and school administration collect valuable data. The information collected allows the school to conduct an in-depth analysis of the school climate and get a sense of student perceptions. There are many benefits to a school system to conduct student surveys. Some benefits are included below. 

Helps Develop Meaningful Goals

Both teaching environment and learning environment surveys allow you to measure numerous teacher and student perceptions and behaviors you can address without costly programs. By using online survey software to ask certain questions, it helps schools create and meet significant goals they need. You can ask questions about things like:

- Student engagement
- Bullying
- School safety
- Teacher support
- Student-teacher relationships
- Instructional leadership
- Make Informed Decisions

School administration is in charge of figuring out how to distribute funding and important resources over the course of the year throughout the school. A student survey tool helps the important decision-makers obtain a good idea of the school's goals and financial investments. Gathering and analyzing student survey information can provide school administration with an abundance of information to help conduct data-informed decision making in order to make more proper assessments of funding for certain school programs.

Helps Recognize Trends

Survey software allows schools access to longitudinal information, especially when they survey once a year or every other year. School administration can recognize certain trends which provide them with the opportunity of identifying potentially problematic development so they can begin addressing it before it turns into a bigger problem.

Make and Save Money

A lot of school systems are looking into new budgetary support opportunities as a result of financial strains. Grant funding is an often overlooked resource. Data collected from student surveys can help with applying for extra school program funding through grants.

Allows for Parental Involvement

Student online survey software can help schools obtain parental involvement. They can find out what parents think about the teachers, community or school. It can help schools assess how parents see their own ability to effectively contribute to their kid's education or their ability of supporting their children's learning at home.

Create a Positive Public Image

By gathering information about school perceptions, administrators can directly address image issues. Whether the data comes from parent, faculty or student surveys, administrators may use the data as a valuable public relations resource.
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