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Benefits of conducting a mobile survey using online survey software

Posted on 11/30/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Mobile-friendly surveys are ones that are easy to respond to using a small handheld touchscreen device such as a tablet computer or a smartphone. As they are mobile optimized, the buttons are easy to click, as well as the text being larger, and easier to read.

Anyone who has ever commuted to work on public transport will have seen hordes of people glued to their smartphones. In fact, according to Statista, the numbers of smartphone users in America is estimated to be as many as 222.9 million, so it’s no wonder that mobile surveys are so popular.

Advantages of Mobile Surveys

An increasingly popular method of data collection, a mobile survey is very easy to respond to, as everyone keeps their smartphone or tablet close to hand. Here, we take a look at some of the other benefits of conducting a mobile survey:

Mobile surveys are very easily administered compared to other methods of survey delivery, as they can be sent by SMS, via email with a downloadable link to an app, or the survey can be developed specifically for mobiles.

By connecting to a smartphone’s GPS, it can be determined if a “spyder” or “bot” program is answering the survey, or whether it’s being answered by the intended respondent.

Mobile surveys offer a great deal of versatility when compared to other surveying methods. For example, responders can complete specific tasks, such as sending pictures or recording their voice.

Online survey software offers real-time answers as the supplier doesn’t need to wait until the respondent logs onto their computer. The convenience of a mobile survey is unsurpassable as surveys can even be taken when you’re out for a walk, or sitting in a restaurant

Mobile surveys have a higher response rate than other types of survey simply due to their convenience.

This method of survey delivery is perfect for reaching both business people, and millennials, who are regular and heavy smartphone users.

In summary, mobile surveys are a very attractive method of data collection, as they offer the most convenient and innovative way of capturing data regardless of the time of day, and the location of the respondent.

With the ability to gain immediate contact with potential responders coupled with the ability to get in touch with targeted groups of individuals, the use of survey software is perhaps the best way to engage with a wide range of potential responders.

If you’re considering optimizing your survey for mobile device use, the factors above should help you make your decision. A survey tool that makes it easy to send out a mobile-friendly survey to your customers is an invaluable asset to every business regardless of industry or niche.
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