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Benefits of a questionnaire survey for online research

Posted on 11/24/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Have you ever wondered if putting together a questionnaire using an online survey software tool for your online research is a viable option?

Following the rise of the internet and search engines, performing research became considerably faster and easier than it had been previously. The development of questionnaires and online survey tools was essential for its success, and this has brought about a rise in the number of companies and individuals using online research tools.

The Advantages of Conducting Online Research Through a Questionnaire Survey

When it comes to the benefits of questionnaires in online research, the benefits are numerous, especially in the case of online questionnaires.

1) Cost savings

Compared to face-to-face questionnaires delivered on-site, over the phone, or by mail, the online questionnaire has no labor, paper, printing, phone, or postal costs, making it a considerably more cost-effective strategy.

2) Questionnaires are practical

Questionnaires are a cost-effective and practical way to collect information. They can be targeted at certain populations and handled in a variety of ways.

3) Reach people quickly

You can reach out to your respondents rapidly by using various means to distribute your questionnaire for your research, such as emailing and texting it, posting a link to it on your website, or making it downloadable via a QR code.

4) Easy analysis and visualization

The majority of questionnaire survey software providers are quantitative in nature, allowing for easy results analysis. It's simple to examine your data with built-in tools, even if you don't have statistics or scientific research background.

You might think that questionnaires are tedious and that persuading respondents to fill them out is difficult. Using the right online survey software, you can construct interactive forms that will provide you with visual data insights. The more interactive the questionnaires are, the more users will want to fill them out.

5) No timing limits with online questionnaires

There is no time constraint when using mail-in, online, or email surveys, and no one is waiting for an answer on the other end. Respondents can take their time filling out the survey at their leisure.

In addition, having a researcher present has been demonstrated to lead to less honest and more socially desired answers; therefore, using the questionnaire survey for your online research, they will typically answer more honestly.

6) Useful to cover all aspects of a subject.

The ability to ask as many questions as you want is one of the main benefits of using a questionnaire survey for your online research. Of course, it is in the researcher's best interests to keep each particular questionnaire short, as extensive questionnaires might be frustrating for responders. For online research, a maximum of ten questions is recommended.

There is no harm in designing many questionnaires, each addressing a subtopic of the major subject and building on one another because they are efficient, cost-effective, and easy to deliver.

7) Flexibility

The beautiful thing about a questionnaire survey is that respondents may complete it whenever and wherever they like. It can help raise your total response rates if you give people extra time to complete your survey and even the option to start it and finish it later.

The answers to the online questionnaire survey tool are automatically integrated into spreadsheets, databases, or other questionnaire software programs when you use the correct online survey software to design your questionnaire, eliminating the chance of human mistakes and enabling automatic data validation.
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