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Assess your employees patients students or your organization with the use of assessment software

Posted on 7/5/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Assessment software is used in many different industries and by various organizations to gather information about employees, students, patients, or the organization themselves. An online survey can be a cost-effective and reliable method of obtaining an individual or institution-wide assessment. Assessment survey tools are commonly used in the healthcare, education, and human resources industries.

Assessment software is often used by educational institutions to evaluate both faculty and students. For instance, teachers and instructors use assessment online survey to create tests to measure a student’s knowledge and skills. On the other side of the coin, educational management can craft an assessment survey to assess the effectiveness of coursework. Educational leaders also use assessment questionnaires in part to qualify students for admittance.

On the health care front, the assessment survey tool is used in a multiple ways. With the strictness of the HIPPA privacy law compliance, health care organizations can utilize evaluation assessment to ensure compliance with the guidelines. Additionally, health care facilities use health assessment surveys on patients to determine the level of health risk to help facilitate and plan patient care. Assessment surveys are also used in nursing facilities to help care for special needs patients.

Employers also administer health risk assessment online surveys to their employees with the intent to improve the health of their employees by identifying risks, and encouraging them to seek preventative treatment. Health risk assessments are one of the most common tools used to calculate health risk schools in order to design wellness and health improvement programs to improve quality of life. In the end, by utilizing health risk assessment surveys, employers hope to ultimately decrease their health care costs. And with high cost of health care these days, assessment surveys play an important role in attempting to manage these costs -- both for the employer and employee.

Many human resources professionals and recruiters also rely heavily on assessment questionnaires in their employment screening, recruiting, and hiring processes. Pre-employment risk assessment questionnaires help human resource departments screen job candidates to match them to available job openings. This HR survey tool not only saves time in finding qualified candidates for a particular position, but it is accurate as well. Over the long term, it aids the organization's performance and success by having a good match-up between the employee and the job.

Assessment software allows institutions and organizations to design and create customized assessments that include a large variety of question types and variations. Question responses are scored with points, so when a respondent answers the survey question, his score will be calculated based on his answers and corresponding points for each answer. Scores are made available in reports, at the end of the online assessment survey, or in an email sent to the participant at the completion of the online survey scoring, the assessment software is able to automatically calculate risk scores to quickly provide individualized feedback and assessment to respondents.

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