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An employee self-assessment survey makes performance evaluation a two-way conversation

Posted on 4/18/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Socrates argued that we must "Know Thyself" in order to be wise. That guiding rule still has merit today, in practically every discipline in life, include work and career.

Whether a small business or large corporation, employee performance is one of the most important success factors of many businesses. And employee performance appraisals have been the gold standard to not only measure employee performance, but boost productivity and improve employee morale.

With that said, many human resources professionals and consultants recommend using a self-assessment tool in assisting employees and their supervisors in completing and conducting performance appraisals.

Built with assessment software, an employee assessment survey enables an employee to look inward: to not only find out about his or her  strengths and weaknesses, but what really motivates him or her.

It's also true that employees may find an employee self-assessment survey difficult to complete, especially at first. Not only may it be difficult for employees to look in the mirror to assess their own weaknesses or be brutally honest about their own shortcomings, but it's just plain awkward to assess yourself. However, it's often one of the first steps in the self-improvement process, whether at work or other areas in life.

While some employees may dread completing their annual or bi-annual employee assessment survey, employees need to know that this assessment tool represents a prime opportunity to develop an open dialogue with their manager. It also enables employees to highlight their achievements, ask for help in areas they may be lacking, and perhaps, most importantly, discuss areas of increased responsibility.

Keep in mind that the way an employee perceives his job performance may be quite different than the evaluations being done by his boss. The assessment survey constructed through assessment software is a tool that can bring to light -- or flag -- those differences. In essence, this assessment tool can highlight differences in employee performance perceptions. These differences are often the result of unrealistic boss expectations, miscommunication, need for additional knowledge, skills, or training, or simply a manager who isn't close enough to the day-to-day tasks.

Therefore, the employee self-assessment evaluation not only enables the employee to inform management of additional training or resources needed to improve her performance, but helps the worker to be more in control of her job performance and career.

On a bigger picture scale, an effective employee self-appraisal can provide evidence to an employee's value or worth to a firm in a concrete, objective way.

Rather than simply being a recipient of feedback from their manager, the self assessment tool requires the employee to be an active participant in his own performance evaluation. Instead of a traditional performance appraisal being a one-way dialogue, it now becomes a two-way conversation.

Employee self-assessment surveys create a win-win situation. Employees win because they become more in control of their own career. Organizations win because it helps them cultivate a world-class workforce.

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