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Advantages of online survey research using survey software

Posted on 9/15/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Online survey technology is relatively fledgling and drastically evolving. Until recently, creating and conducting a survey using online survey software was a time-consuming task that required knowledge of web development programs, HTML, and scripting programs. Today, survey creation software packages and online survey services greatly simplify and speed up online surveys.


Surveys can be a great tool for businesses to collect data on a large group of people. Their use is often rapid, and the results can be significantly generalized. With today’s technological advances facilitating universal connectivity, an internet survey, in particular, can be a great way for companies to reach people they have never reached before. This article outlines some advantages of internet survey research. Read on to find out.

Expansive Reach

Internet or online survey research has a broader reach than other types of market research techniques. Think about it; it’s much easier to send a survey to thousands of people over the Internet than send that same survey to each individual or interview the respondents in person. Companies can easily track and select survey participants based on variable parameters according to their needs and then send a link to the survey to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Respondents can respond to the survey on multiple platforms (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), depending on their preferences, increasing the likelihood that they will reply before the deadline. Finally, online surveys provide automatic reminders, which further increases respondent participation.


One of the benefits is that online research can save time for researchers, especially when done via a survey tool. Online research allows a researcher to reach thousands of people with common characteristics in a short period, even though large geographical distances probably separate them.

A research staff worker interested in researching far-flung populations can easily solve this problem by using survey tools to gain access to a large number of such individuals through the strategy of sending invitations to discussion groups, chat rooms, and community bulletin boards. In a personal search environment, it would take significantly longer - if possible - to find the same number of people with specific characteristics, interests, and views in the same place.


One of the biggest benefits of online surveys is cost. Online surveys are cheaper than paper ones; businesses do not have to put aside money for printing, supplies, or postage. And unlike group interviews and surveys, online surveys do not require any costs for people to meet in one place (travel and accommodation), nor do they require to pay interviewers for their services. In addition, companies save money by saving time. Online survey tools and software store data in real-time, which means companies can instantly get computer results, saving valuable time and money needed to fund them.


Another essential advantage of online surveys is that they provide anonymity to respondents. Once confidentiality is ensured, participants feel more comfortable if they give open and honest feedback. This has a positive effect on response and completion rate, which are critical to the success of the research.

Honest Answers

Honesty is important when collecting data; otherwise, your analysis - and the steps you take to do so - may be skewed. While personal or telephone surveys can cause a person to “hold in” or mislead with their answers, most online survey software offers anonymity, making it likely that people will express their true thoughts.

In short, online surveys created via a survey tool are an excellent option for individuals and organizations looking to conduct their research. Because of these benefits, online research is a reliable method of market research for many businesses. Survey tools and survey software are numerous, so make sure to pick one better suited to your needs and taste.
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