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Advantages of multi lingual online surveys and assessments

Posted on 3/20/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. That's just three of the estimated 6,909 different languages in which to say hello, according to Ethnologue: Languages of the World.

The fact of the matter is that business is becoming increasingly global -- thanks to the rapid advancement of modern technology. This means that it is absolutely imperative for organizations who want to compete on a global level to use a multilingual survey tool to obtain customer, client, vendor, distribution, partner, and employee feedback.

The creation and deployment of multilingual and international surveys using online survey software is central to obtaining information that can make a far-reaching impact on a company's bottom line. Web-based multilingual survey questionnaires are also important to business relationships because they demonstrate that your organization appreciates and respects the needs and opinions of diverse people. 

Advantages of multilingual surveys include being able to tap into marketplaces that expand beyond domestic borders. This, coupled with the increased need to make online survey software tools accessible to multilingual audiences, enables a company to get a more complete picture of its global footprint. Multilingual surveys also mean that everything from the email invitation to the next question button is language independent. Not only can the survey tool be administered in multiple languages, but multilingual reports can be generated to allow for distribution, analysis, and decision making in various languages.

Today's modern survey software permits companies with a multi-country presence to collect, research, and manage information in multiple languages. Surveys can be created in the target language, but can be tailored to multiple languages in order to be culturally appropriate. This ensures that the meaning and ideas of survey questions are the same, regardless of language. It helps you collect information from individuals who may not read English as their second language well enough to fully understand the questions being asked.

Multi-language online survey software support enables the software to automatically detect the users language and default the survey to that language. Multilingual survey software allows you to create online surveys in multiple foreign languages without the need to create several copies of the same survey.

Using multilingual surveys enables your market research team to widen the scope of their target market, since more people can participate in the online survey. It eliminates language barriers that could have come into play had a multilingual survey not be used.

What's more? These days many people speak several languages. However, they may be more comfortable with one language over the other or actually prefer using one language versus another. Respondents can thus freely express their thoughts and opinions in a language they feel most comfortable with.

All-and-all, conducting a  multilingual survey enables you to truly localize the online survey respondent's experience. And, when you keep the experience relevant to the survey respondent, you -- in turn -- reduce your survey abandonment rate.

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