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Administering an opinion survey is an important assessment tool for any organization

Posted on 5/11/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The opinion survey tool has a long history as one of the gold standards for market and consumer research. Opinion surveys are used to gauge popular opinion in just about every industry and every business type, whether for profit, not-for-profit, or governmental.

In the business sector, companies want opinions about their company, products, and competitors. When developing a new product idea, they reach out to consumers to get feedback before product launch. In the tech industry, software developers provide beta software to users who give their opinions. Opinion surveys are a staple in the hospitality and restaurant industries, where customer service and satisfaction is of prime importance. When running for governmental office, politicians utilize opinion surveys in the form of opinion polls. Regardless of the organization, the goal is the same: to find out popular opinion on something.

Whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, the opinion survey tool is here to stay. Decades ago, a telephone, face-to-face, or mailed opinion survey was pretty much the only means to obtain opinions. These survey tool methods were time-consuming, costly, and could allow for statistical error. These days, with the help of modern technology, an opinion survey can be constructed from online survey software and administered as an online survey questionnaire.

An online survey constructed from survey software for gathering opinions has a number of benefits. Online survey software is easy to use and full featured. It's customizable with a wide variety of question variations, which ensures that you get meaningful results. What's more, your opinion survey can be designed regardless of your industry, business, or company size. Small, medium, and large corporations can utilize and benefit from opinion surveys. They also offer flexibility as opinions can be collected via email responses, a website, or manually.

There are other advantages to using survey software to develop your online survey to gather opinions. Because the survey tool is hosted securely with SSL encryption online, you can access your survey from anywhere you have an internet connection. Further, data can be exported easily out of the survey tool. With a modern look and feel and brand logo inclusion available, your survey will be sophisticated and inviting. If your respondents speak other languages besides English, the survey tool is available in multiple languages. Additionally, an opinion survey administered via an online survey tool also allows a company to reach a larger pool of respondents in a shorter amount of time. For time-sensitive projects, this survey method is superior.

Administering an opinion survey is an important assessment tool for any organization in order to achieve maximum success. Companies can use opinion surveys to not only attract new customers, but keep existing ones. If a company has a high level of customer turnover, then an opinion survey tool is more than in order. And it's not always a one time event. If the subject matter is fluid, repeated opinion surveys will be needed to determine if respondent’s opinions have changed over time.
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