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A training survey takes small effort to provide answers to your questions on training effectiveness

Posted on 11/7/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
It's not always easy to place your finger on the pulse of the effectiveness of current training practices. Unfortunately, it's necessary for small and large business owners to gauge just how effective their training practices are so that they can provide employees with the right tools to help them excel in their positions. An online training survey is a great way to get honest feedback from employees about their training experiences.

 Using Online Survey Software Prior to Training

The real beauty about the survey tool is that you can use it before and after training (in some cases even during training). Before training, you can find out what employees are most interested in learning about. This can help you plan training that will engage the minds of a larger number of employees. 

Judging Training Success with an Online Training Survey

Once training is complete, a training survey makes an excellent means for determining how effective employees felt the training was. This provides an added benefit of getting an idea of how engaged employees were in the training process. You can also find out how pleased they were with the training course. If employees aren't happy with the course, they're likely not going to get as much benefit from it as they otherwise could.

It also tells you what areas of training employees feel needs improvement. Ultimately, it enables you to determine the educational and/or instructional value of the training techniques you're using.

Why Is It So Important to Measure the Effectiveness of Training Programs?

Training programs exist to benefit your business, both in profitability and competitiveness. You need to know if they are accomplishing that purpose or not. Online survey software allows you to judge the thoughts and ideas of employees before and after they go through training so that you can discern whether the training methods you're employing provide an adequate return on investment.

Essentially, you want to determine three things about your training:

1) Are you currently getting it right?

2) Is the training you provide now adding value?

3) How can you improve training for the future?

There's always room for improvement in training. You can tailor your surveys to specifically look for areas where the training isn't engaging the audience, or simply to ask for feedback about what employees would like to see in the training process.

You also need to know if your training is missing the mark. Then you need to know where it's missing the mark and if there are any recommendations for keeping it on target and making it more effective.

Finally, you need to know whether your employees are receiving any value for the training or not. It's a good idea to find out specifically what they think are the most valuable components of the training process and the least.

Without a system for measuring the results, such as using a survey tools, it's extremely difficult to judge if the training process is working at all, much less how effective the training is for employees. Many companies mark effective training programs off before they've even had a chance to show evidence of success simply because they have no standards with which they can measure the effectiveness of their training or its results. A training survey takes minimal effort to extract valuable answers to your questions on training effectiveness.

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