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A staff survey using online survey software helps to capitalize on human capital

Posted on 11/1/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Many companies, if not most companies, believe their greatest asset is their human capital. After all, employees are not only the lifeblood of a company, but they are also one of the biggest expenses of running a business, if not the biggest expense. However, not all employers have a full grasp of the attitudes, opinions, and perceptions of its workforce. But conducting regular staff surveys is vital to your company's return on employee investment.

Deploying a staff survey through online survey software delivers a multitude of benefits. Surveying employees for their opinions, perceptions, and thoughts can improve employee morale, employee attendance, job satisfaction, overall productivity, customer relations, organization climate, and the all-important - profitability. When a staff survey is carried out anonymously and independently, it can provide you with deeper insights into what employees think about your company -- and, perhaps more importantly -- what motivates them.

Some of the other areas you may get insight from employees include:

* Is your workforce aligned with your companies, strategies, goals, and objectives? 
* What makes top performers stray and what makes them stay? 
* What do employees value most and least? 
* What are the biggest and most important issues employees are facing? 
* Are there warning signs you need to address before they cause a negative impact?

In order to obtain honest feedback, it's important to ensure confidentiality throughout the survey process. To do this, it's wise to use an online survey tool, or web-based survey, built with survey software that allows each employee to provide feedback anonymously. Using web-based survey tools have the added benefit of a higher response rate as well.

Staff surveys can take many forms, whether conducted alone or in conjunction with others as part of a comprehensive employee feedback endeavor. Attitude surveys, engagement surveys, opinion surveys, satisfaction surveys, 360-degree surveys, and exit interviews are all types of workforce surveys that can be used to measure, improve, and monitor employee loyalty, morale, commitment, and attitudes.

Staff surveys can also be used offensively or defensively. In other words, they can help to proactively stall or thwart unanticipated problems or obstacles or help to drive stellar employee performance.

By implementing staff surveys regularly, you're sending a positive message to your employees that you are listening to their thoughts. To show them that you are committed to improving their job satisfaction and concerned about their advancement opportunities, it's important for a company to act on the results of the staff survey tool by making changes in areas spotlighted as needing improvement based on the staff survey results.

In many industries and niche's, a business's most fundamental source of competitive advantage lies with its people. While marketing strategies, products, business models can be tweaked and mimicked by competitors, talented, dedicated, and high-performing people can't.

A well-planned and executed staff survey can help a company engage not only the minds of its employees, but also the hearts of its employees. In the end, it's a vital survey tool to help organizations attract, satisfy, and retain top talent to propel a business forward.

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