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A leadership survey helps to continue refine leaders to improve bottom-line metrics

Posted on 1/22/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Whether it's a politician, an NFL football quarterback, or a distinguished business person, you can find a person fulfilling a leadership role anywhere and everywhere. But simply giving the title that represents a leader doesn't necessarily mean that the person is an effective leader, right?

How does one become an effective and successful leader? When not innate, exceptional leaders grow and develop by receiving, reviewing, and implementing feedback on their effectiveness as a leader. One way they receive constructive criticism and analysis of their leadership style and effectiveness is through a leadership survey crafted from online survey software.

A leadership survey can indicate the extent to which a leader's behaviors, actions, and decisions either help or hinder the performance of the organization and its members he or she is leading. Through self-awareness and a better understanding of the impact of decisions, actions, and behaviors, through a leadership survey tool, a leader can realize his or her full potential.

To obtain a competitive advantage in today's global marketplace, effective leadership is key. All things considered, effective leadership outperforms and surpasses ineffective leadership. The effectiveness of a company's leaders can determine in a large degree an organization's performance, particularly in uncertain, volatile, or trying financial business environments. In this way, a comprehensive leadership survey developed strategically with online survey software not only determines the effectiveness of a leader, but the health of the organization at large.

A leadership survey reveals valuable insights and data: It can not only tell management how employees in the organization view a particular leader, but can provide feedback on a larger scale by shedding light on the current leadership culture of the company overall. Either way, it provides management with key opportunities for leadership development to potentially and positively impact employee turnover, talent retention, profits, and other financial metrics.

Poor leaders can result in high employee turnover, shortage in key company positions, loss of customers, and lackluster profits. On the other hand, effective leaders drive sales, attract customers, increase bottom line metrics, and can impact a greater stock return if the company is public. An effective leader usually has high employee engagement, which transcends into high productivity and operating margins. In other words, there is a direct correlation between effective leadership and business performance.

Successful leaders of today, regardless of organizations they lead, need to be aware of their leadership style and continue to improve. Effective leadership skills are one of the best vehicles company leaders can use to realize a particular outcome. Even with a crystal clear vision and lofty goals, if there isn't effective leadership skills to realize them, the vision and goals may be rendered futile.

Because leadership skills need continual refinement, there's no better way to evaluate and develop them than through regular leadership surveys, which can consistently administered with the help of online survey software. Leadership questionnaires are useful and widely accepted to identify and measure leadership styles.

Effective leadership advice is everywhere. But without a leadership survey tool to diagnose and evaluate the health of the leadership, the advice is less helpful than it otherwise could be.

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