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A job satisfaction survey is essential to maintaining a healthy organization

Posted on 4/16/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employee performance management is more than a significant component to successful business operations. Happy employees translate to not only increased productivity and improved customer services, but, perhaps more importantly, give companies that little extra competitive edge. What's more, understanding what makes employees happy, while learning about their concerns helps companies retain top talent. All of these things are possible with the the help of a job satisfaction survey.

Job satisfaction surveys and questionnaires are a simple way to measure employee morale and loyalty. At the same time, a well-designed job satisfaction survey built with online survey software can uncover areas of majority employee disgruntledness.

As a survey tool, a job satisfaction survey can assess employees' perception of compensation, benefits, working conditions, perks, management support, reward systems, co-workers, company leaders, creativity, training, employee development, opportunities for promotions and advancement, and more.

But being satisfied as an employee, may mean different things to an employer. From an employer's standpoint, an employee who is satisfied is engaged in his work, committed to her job, and has its company's back. Employee contentment certainly varies from person to person, but a job satisfaction survey tool helps business owners and managers learn what drives their employees to superior quality, maximum productivity and fierce loyalty.

Crafted strategically through online survey software, a job satisfaction survey does more than scratch the surface when in comes to employee morale. Identification and interpretation goes deeper to highlight characteristics of the job that favor strong employee satisfaction. On the other hand, the results of the survey tool can hold up a red flag to management about dimensions of the job that employees are less than satisfied with.

These finding can signal management about where policy adjustments or structural changes need to be made. Most significantly, the results can alert management to recurring employee concerns and take corrective actions before a concern becomes a crisis. Whether it's redistributing tasks, adding perks, or restructuring benefits, a job satisfaction survey serves to illuminate areas that need further attention.

Experts recommend that the completion of a job satisfaction survey by an employee should be anonymous. Allowing employees to voice their opinions and concerns anonymously promotes more candid feedback because there isn't the fear of retaliation or reprimand. In addition to telling employees that their responses will be anonymous, it's important to let them know that collectively the responses are to be used to improve the workplace. Let employees know that the data gathered will be used in their best interests. Over time, employees will develop a trust in management that company leaders are trying to make their jobs better.

That said, even if major areas of concern cannot be corrected immediately, or at all, simply asking employees for their opinion not only makes employees feel valued, but it can improve morale. Improved morale leads to improved productivity, which leads to better job and company performance.

In the end, focusing on the job satisfaction of employees is instrumental to maintaining a healthy organization and competitive edge. 

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