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A health survey is a powerful survey tool to improve health

Posted on 9/12/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There is no question that the health survey is and will continue to be a significant source of intelligence for healthcare policy makers, healthcare providers (public or private), healthcare insurers, and perhaps most importantly consumers who utilize information given in health survey results to modify their lifestyles and behavior for a healthier life.

It is clear that health research conducted by online survey software has impacted the behaviors of people by motivating them to be more active in disease preventative activities, whether that is changing their eating and exercising behaviors or getting more preventative health screenings.

By communicating the results of a health survey to the public, particularly when it links a behavior (such as smoking) to a adverse health effect (such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, or COPD), it has the potential to decrease disease incidence rates and potentially mortality rates.

As a survey tool, a health survey can also be used to communicate progress of a health condition spread (such as the flu), support health care administration initiatives, identify health risk factors, improve the quality of health care services, and reduce the costs of healthcare in a accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.

Today's online survey software helps to ensure not only the reliability of health survey tool data, but its accuracy as well. Getting representative samples and ensuring the validity of participant responses are other challenges health surveys face, but are thwarted when done using an advanced survey tool designed with online survey software.

Motivating people to change negative health behaviors is a tall task indeed, and all sorts of entities are trying. Today, the number of fitness, diet, and specific medical condition apps (like diabetes) are at an all-time record high. mHealthWatch reveals that the estimated number of medical, fitness and health-related apps were 31,000 back in the spring of 2013. Add that to the growing number of workplace wellness companies and workplace wellness programs springing up around the company, and it is clear there is a need.

But we live in an information and social world, where information spreads virally instantaneously, whether it is through mainstream media or social networks. The point is health news disseminated from a health survey clearly has the ability to reach millions of people. More importantly, it has the potential to encourage people to make healthier life choices.

This is all good news for the many patients, physicians and healthcare policy makers that rely, albeit in part, to make decisions concerning healthcare, whether it is for themselves or a community as a whole.

Regardless of the specific health care topic though, be it heart disease, obesity, or diabetes, a well-constructed health survey, constructed from online survey software, is a powerful survey tool to propel improve in health conditions one-by-one and as a nation as a whole.
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