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A career survey demystifies career path decisions

Posted on 2/19/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just plug in a few details about yourself, your dreams, and your ambitions into a computer online software program and come up with a great career that will challenge and excite you? Thanks to a few advances in survey technology you can now use online survey software to help you identify a career that will bring you fulfillment and satisfaction in your career choice.

A career survey is used in multiple ways in search of the perfect career, including:

1) Career testing

2) Career counseling

3) Career-development

4) Career changes

One of the goals of a career survey is to is to paint an overall picture of the industry or job an individual is best suited to work in. It's important to understand that the survey tool isn't used exclusively to indicate a wrong chosen field. Rather, sometimes it serves to let an individual know that they are on the right path or in the right field. At other times, it provides options within or outside a chosen field that may be even more appealing and a better fit.

For savvy business owners, career assessments help to look for ways to utilize an employee's talents, interests, and expertise within the organization without losing a top employee to another field or company in order for them to find career fulfillment.

What Areas does the Survey Software Assess?

With today's sophisticated survey technology, it is easy to adjust online survey software to ask a wide range of questions in order to assess various aspects related to career satisfaction. Some of the common areas this valuable survey tool is used to assess include:

• Values
• Interests
• Skills
• Personality
• Autonomy

The career survey is invaluable at helping students, job seekers, and employers alike identify the various strengths and weaknesses individuals have in order to be matched up with a job or career that is best suited for them.

Where are Career System Surveys Most Useful?

There are many locations and fields where assessment tools such as this prove to be invaluable. Many large organizations use them as part of the hiring process to test and see how well candidates may fit in with the company culture and how content those candidates might be in the field in which they are ultimately hired. Other places that benefit from these types of tools include:

• Career Counseling Agencies and Counselors
• Guidance Counseling
• Executive Coaches
• Staffing Management Companies
• Vocational and Rehabilitation Counselors
• High Schools
• Human Resources Staff Members
• Career Centers on College Campuses around the World

The need is strong for the services the career survey provides. Whether you are a job seeker looking for the perfect job to offer you fulfillment and a sense of purpose, you are an executive coach or guidance counselor looking to advise on career choice, or you are an employer looking to best fit your employees to available positions, the career assessment survey tool provides an excellent opportunity to demystify this very important decision.

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