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A career interest survey is an important tool for teenagers to take

Posted on 3/19/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
While some teenagers know exactly what career they aspire to, the reality is most teenagers don't have a clue what they want to do "when they grow up", so to speak. Deciding on a specific occupation, or even a general career industry, for many teenagers can be a difficult task -- particularly for teens who are not sure what areas and activities they enjoy most or are best suited for. How do you learn about which career is best and which is a good match?

Career interest surveys are survey tools intended to help teenagers learn about career areas (known as clusters) that they find most appealing and are a good fit for them. The results of a career interest survey crafted through online survey software can help teenagers choose a degree and major in college that parallels their interests and sets them on a path for a specific occupation that they are best suited for.

Similar to career aptitude tests, skill assessments, career assessments, and personality tests, career interest surveys for teenagers strive to examine a teen's interests, aptitude, attitude, and skills vis-a-vis various careers. The goal of a career interest survey is to help teenagers decide on the best major to enter into in college or choose a career that best matches their interests.

Taking an interest inventory provides feedback on a good career match to explore and learn about areas that one is passionate about from a work standpoint. Working in a poorly matched career can leave an employee feeling dissatisfied and unmotivated. On the other hand, finding a career that matches a person's true passion is a great start for achieving long-term job satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Most teenagers find a career interest survey designed by survey software are fun to complete. Based upon the activities they enjoy, their personal qualities, and school subjects they like or excel in, the career interest survey identifies (and ranks) career clusters that the teenager would find most rewarding and fulfilling. A career interest survey may also provide a glimpse into a teenager's preferred work style to help guide them to a more fulfilling career when making employment decision.

As a career planning survey tool, a career interest survey is the most natural method of pinpointing career clusters for teenagers to learn more about and possibly pursue.

It is important to note that a teenager's interests may change over time. It is often a good idea for teenagers to take a career interest survey a couple of times during middle school and high school. If going to college, it is also beneficial to continue taking a career interest survey as taking various courses may expand career interests. As a student nears graduation, it is another helpful assessment as they embark on their professional career and employment decisions.

Beyond taking a career interest survey in high school, survey tools , such as a career interest survey, can be helpful in deciding to pursue a graduate degree (during or after obtaining an undergraduate degree). It can also be beneficial for professionals who are at a cross road and are considering a career change.
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