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360 feedback surveys Definition Purpose and Benefits

Posted on 10/11/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A 360 review can be an extremely powerful survey tool to help develop and grow employees when the reviews are constructive and the staff is willing to implement the feedback they receive.

What are 360 Feedback Surveys?

A 360 feedback survey is the process where employees receive feedback from their manager, peers or direct reporting authority. They're confidential and a progressive method many organizations adopt to identify their employees' strengths and weaknesses and recommend corrective measures to help improve the employee's performance.

What Is the Purpose of 360 Feedback Surveys?

There are a variety of purposes of conducting 360 feedback surveys, including:
- They reveal employee strengths.
- They provide development opportunities for employees and shows the performance of the managers.
- They're safe and confidential.
- They help you find and develop new leaders for succession planning.
- They help you identify what's actively contributing to staff turnover and low engagement.
- They allow you to measure leadership programs. Through the leadership program, you can plan and carry out a growth strategy.

What are the Benefits of 360 Feedback Survey Software?

A 360 feedback survey tool helps employees understand how their colleagues perceive them, identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop important leadership capabilities.

Some benefits of 360 feedback survey software are:
- Easy and fast: After initial setup, you can deploy in minutes.
- Effective: Industry leaders have been using it for years.
- Flexible: Customize survey, workflow and reports.

Other benefits of 360 feedback surveys include:

Increases Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness allows your employees to understand their personality, including their:
- Beliefs
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Thoughts
- Motivations
- Emotions
Self-awareness is particularly crucial in leadership.

Improves Working Relationships

Reciprocity is an important behavior in a relationship. Performance feedback is often one-sided (i.e. direct/supervisor report relationship) or simply missing (peers are not confident in saying anything. By introducing this relationship element, you create another reciprocal support touchpoint.

Enhances Performance

A 360 feedback survey is one of the best tools you can have for improving relationships, providing clarity on improving performance and increasing accountability.

Conducting a feedback review was once an expensive and complex process, often involving lots of company time and outside consultants.

Today, however, online survey software and technology have made it much easier to apply this efficient tool to your staff. This means you can use this effective tool more often and by more individuals increasing collaboration and cooperation in your team. Make today the day you implement this powerful survey tool in your organization.

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