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10 reasons to use survey research software

Posted on 8/11/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Survey research software is now the go to tool for both market research and scientific research. Survey research software enables individuals, small businesses, and large corporations to easily create professional online surveys, administer them via email or a website, and collect, analyze, and interpret respondent data. In today's economic and social environment, businesses rely heavily on consumer's thoughts and opinions in order to remain competitive. When developed and used correctly, survey research software can help determine trends, understand customer or client preferences, and make changes to build a more successful business.

Why Use survey research software?

1. Less time consuming - Conducting, collecting, and calculating survey data can be time consuming and cumbersome without the use of survey software. With survey research software, your professional survey can be created in no time at all. Online survey software can help alleviate some of the cumbersome details associated with market and scientific research and analysis. Research software for surveys enables you to get vital feedback fast and incorporate it into your product or service quickly.

2. More flexibility with sample size - Because sample size is essential in obtaining meaningful data in order to draw accurate conclusions, online surveys allow the researcher or marketer to reach thousands of respondents.

3. Affordable - Using survey software for an online survey costs far less per response than conducting phone surveys or focus groups.

4. Easy-to-use - Today's online survey software is powerful and produce reliable and accurate data, yet easy to use even for the novice.

5. Receive genuine responses -The anonymity of using survey research software to create and deploy an online survey allows people to feel more candid with their answers, particularly if they know their responses will remain confidential.

6. Customizable - The modern survey tool provides many options and features that allow the user to customize its look, tailor questions, and set restrictions.

7. Flexible deployment - Once you've created your survey tool, your online survey can be disseminated through email, on websites, or even on social platforms, which are so mainstream nowadays. Online surveys can be administered inside a company's own shop or hosted externally.

8. Dynamic - survey research software has built-in intelligence that adapts to a customer's response. Using progressive logic, different questions are prompted depending on the respondent's previous answers.

9. Increase response rates - Using survey software allows you to increase response rate by automatically sending out email reminders for incomplete surveys.

10. Advanced survey analysis - What's the benefit of gathering data if it's cumbersome to analyze? survey research software is equipped with statistical and analysis tools, such as charts and percentage graphs. Software for surveys enables the creator to export reports in multiple forms, like Excel, PDF, CSV, and SPSS.

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