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What items should be covered in a valuation survey

Posted on 11/23/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Are you moving away from your current location? Do you need to sell or lease out your property for one reason or another? Then it is best to do a valuation survey.

There are several items to be covered in a valuation survey as they are crucial to the estimated market value of a property. These factors affect the overall value of a building.

This article helps you understand the reason for a valuation survey tool, and highlights the things that should be covered when doing one. Read on to find out more.

Understanding A Valuation Survey

A valuation survey is a process of getting an opinion of the market value of a real estate property after an appraisal of the property.

Real estate valuations are much unlike other surveys, where online survey software helps carry out online surveys. Real estate valuations often need assessments because each property has different structures, design elements, and structural value; thus, the need to carry out an appraisal for each property.

Also, the location of the building has a very crucial role in valuation. The renovations and improvements made to the structure change its value with the prices on the property market.

Points To Be Covered In A Valuation Survey

A detailed valuation survey covers many things before a market value can be quoted.

Listed below are the things you should expect from your property valuation survey:

Characteristics Of The Property

This involves the design of the property; checking the suitability for the purpose for which it was built; for example, a building designed for residential purposes should have a sense of safety and relaxation, while an office building should be more official and be able to increase productivity.

Location of the Property

As stated earlier, location plays a vital role in the value of a property. The nearer the property is to basic social amenities, the higher its value.

Also, the location's safety is critical as a property in a safer area will have a higher value. You can use an online survey to find out the location's security.

Environment/ Neighborhood

Estimating the cost of other properties close to the property being valued also helps get a more accurate estimate. The use of online survey software also comes in handy as it can be used to know the market values of the properties in the area.


The value of a building can also be affected by the functional spaces in the building (number of rooms, size of each room, availability of baths and toilets, heating, and so on).

Property Details

Property details such as the size of each room, the overall size of the building, and property grounds affect the property's value.

Building Quality

The condition of the property grounds and the structure of the building also influences the value of the building.


Getting your property valued by carrying out a valuation survey is your best bet at getting the most accurate market value of the property. Use online survey software to get your property valued.
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