Survey Software Questions

General questions

  • Do you provide a discount for academic or non-profit institutions?
    Yes. All academic and non-profit institutions get a 10% discount. Call us for details.
  • Do you accept purchase orders?
    Yes. At checkout you get the option of printing a quote that you can fax or email to us with your purchase order. For hosted accounts, we only accept purchase orders for yearly plans.
  • Do you support the creation of online surveys in foreign languages?
    Our survey software is designed to allow you to create surveys in any language, and each survey can be designed for multiple languages (no need to create several copies of the same survey). We also provide 34 language specific spell-checkers to assist you.

Survey software questions

  • How do you deliver the software?
    Once you complete the payment, you will be directed to our "Account" area where you can download the software. The most recent released version is always available for download from your account
  • Do you provide a trial version?
    Yes. We provide a free hosted account where you can try the survey software for free. If you need to install the software on you own server please contact us.
  • What are the software requirements for running the online survey software?
    Server: Windows 2008 (or higher) running IIS with ASP.NET version 4.5
    Database: SQL SERVER standard or free express edition, version 2005 (or higher) OR Oracle standard or free express edition, version 11 (or higher)
  • What are the hardware requirements? The computer hardware required to install Novi Survey and run it with good performance depends on how many responses you are planning to gather. A standard configuration with the web and database server software installed on the same computer is as follows:
    1 dual or quad core CPU (Xeon preferred)
    4 GB RAM
    Fast disks configured as either raid 1 or raid 5.
    Space available on the disk should be 5 GB or more.
    This configuration is suitable for most customers.
  • We do not have a server in-house. Can we host the survey application at an ISP?
    Yes. However, your ISP must meet the system requirements specified above.
  • Is it easy to install and configure the survey software application?
    Installing the online survey software is just a matter of copying the files to your web-server folder. All configurations can be done from the web browser. For detailed instructions on how to install the survey software, view the installation guide

Online survey tool questions

  • Can I cancel my hosted account at any time?
    Yes. You can cancel your account at any time from the account page. The account will remain active until the end of the subscription period. After the end of the subscription period, you can still access your account but it will default to the free account settings
  • Are there any extra charges on top of the monthly fee?
    There are no extra charges or fees beyond the fixed monthly fee.
  • Can I get get a copy of my data?
    You can export all responses at any time to a flat file using the Browse or the Reports features.
  • Where is you data center located?
    All our servers and data reside in our highly secure data center
    Located in Boston Massachusetts, our data center is a secure facility equipped with ultra reliable connectivity, multiple high-speed fiber networks, and the latest in physical and digital security to service and protect your data.

    Electricity is fed into the building through multiple entrances with redundant power feeds. We have a 1-megawatt diesel generator supporting the data center in the event of a power failure. In addition, a UPS Battery Backup System that is monitored and maintained, protects the data center power system.

    Our data center has a fully redundant data center grade HVAC system. The system is powered with a redundant cooling tower and air handlers equipment that maintains temperature and humidity to rigid industry standards. The facility is also equipped with electronic smoke and fire detector systems.
    located in the USA in the state of Massachusetts.

Other survey software questions or suggestions?

  • We love to hear from you, please call us at 781-547-7739 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions or hear your feedback.

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