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Reports summarize and aggregate response data for surveys. Individual responses can also be shown in reports. Reports differ from exports in their ability to format response and scoring data into a document like presentation while exports provide data in a tabular presentation.

Reports comprise a title page and one or more sections. If the report is not set for multiple sections, then sections cannot be edited or managed for the report. If the report allows multiple sections, then sections can be added or removed from the report design screen. Section are analogous to chapters in a book and provide a means to structure reports.

Each section contains one or more report elements which can have filters to narrow the set of responses considered in the report element. Report elements are analogous to paragraphs  in a chapter (with the report section being analogous to the chapter). The types of report elements available are:

Multi-survey reports that join the data across surveys based on the respondent are supported. Multi-survey reports are most meaningful when the user tracking option for the surveys in the report is identifying or semi-anonymous. When surveys are anonymous, a response from one survey cannot be correlated to a response in another survey and multi-survey report are identical to the concatenation of the reports for each of the anonymous surveys.

Each section in a report can have an introduction and a conclusion. Each report section is comprised of report elements. A report element defines filters to apply to the response data and what data to show. For example, a report element might subset the response data based on certain choices in one or more multiple choice questions and show aggregated data for downstream questions.

Reports can either aggregate multiple responses and show statistics and graphs for the aggregates or present information for a single response. Some reporting options are available for single response reports only. When a report is specified as part of the completion options for a survey, in an alert, or run from the response details screen, the report will always be run as a single response report. Single response reports are particularly useful to present the result of an assessment. When a report in run in single response mode, it is possible to include substitution pipes in text fields for the report (e.g.,a report element introduction or conclusion). The substitution pipes provide a means to include response answers to specific questions into the report.

Depending on the configuration of the system, reports may be secured or unsecured.

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