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The Responses tab allow browsing of survey response data and to view the detail for individual responses.

1. To access the Browser screen, click on the Browse icon in the Home tab on the menu.

2. Responses can be browsed either by survey or by respondent.

Browse by survey

1. To view specific responses for a survey, select the 'Surveys' option for the 'Browse' field.

2. Select the survey in the drop down list. Once a survey is selected, responses for the survey are shown in the lower section of the screen.

3. Select a response

4. Perform an action on the selected response

Browse by respondent

1. To find response for a respondent, select the 'Respondents' value for the 'Browse' field.

2. Enter 3 letters or more for the respondent name or email. A list of respondents that have the specified text in their name or email will appear.

3. Select the respondent of interest by clicking. Upon selection of a respondent, the responses for the respondent are shown below the table of respondents. The actions available for the responses are the same as when browsing by surveys. These actions are detailed above.

Response search

The responses shown when browsing responses by survey or by respondent can be searched using the search function in the grid of responses.

The search will match the following fields of the responses and retain only the response that match the criteria: