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The organization screen, main tab, allows to manage the settings for the organization.

Users of the On-Demand service have access to this screen only if their account allows more than one concurrent login.

Specifies if response data is saved as soon as it is entered in the survey prior to the respondent moving to the next page. This option allows saving response data for fields already filled in when participants abandon responding to the survey.

Changes to this field requires system administrator privileges.


A survey page contains a multiple choice questions with possible answers "Yes" or "No". A respondent reaches the page and clicks "Yes". Immediately after answering the question, they close their browser. With the "Allow partial save of responses" option set, their answer is captured by the system and recorded in the database.

The maximum number of responses allowed for the organization per month for all surveys in the organization. Changes to Responses per month requires system administrator privileges. If the field is not defined, then an unlimited number of responses per month is allowed.

The system will send a warning email to system and organization administrators when 80% of the maximum number of responses per month is reached. When the number of responses reaches the maximum, the system will also send an email to system and organization administrator. When the limit is reached, no new response for any survey in the organization will be accepted until the next month. Respondents who have started responding to a survey may finish their response.

You can increase the number of allowed responses per month from our web site.