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Invitation group list
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Invitations for a survey are managed in groups. The list of invitation groups for a survey is available from the Invitations tool in the ribbon menu.

The invitation group list shows the invitation groups for which you are an owner. Each invitation group corresponds to one invitation email to be sent at a specified date and time to a group of invited people.

1. To create a new invitation group, use tool New Invitations. The tool is the starting point for inviting people to take the survey.

2. To modify an existing invitation group, use the Edit Invitations. After an invitation group starts processing, editing of the settings for the group is limited. See 'Invitation groups status' below for more detail.

3. To copy an existing invitation group, use the Copy Invitations tool.

The tool allows the creation of a new invitation group into the current survey from a copy of an invitation group for the current survey or for another survey. To copy an invitation group for another survey into the current survey, select the survey that has the invitation group to copy in the copy pop up window. Then, select the invitation groups to copy. The copies of the invitation groups will be added to the current survey.

4. To delete an existing invitation group, use the Delete Invitations tool. The tool is available for invitation group with status of "Setup" only.

5. Activate or Inactivate

To activate an inactive invitation group, use the Activate Invitations tool. Activating an invitation group may trigger the release of invitation emails depending on the status for the group and for the survey.

To inactivate an active invitation group, use the Inactivate Invitations tool. Inactivating an invitation group will prevent the release of invitation emails for the group. Note that emails being processed at the time when the group is inactivated will still be sent by the system.

6. Invitation report

To access overall statistics and detailed reports for the invitations for the group, use the Invitations report tool. The tool is not available until the invitation groups processing has started.

Invitation groups status:

After they are created, invitation groups go through several stages as indicated by their status. Each status is described below.

Forwarding of replies to invitation emails:

When prospective participants reply to invitation emails, their reply is always forwarded to the email addresses of the invitation group owners. Additionally, if the invitation group specifies a 'from' email address in the email tab, replies to invitations will be sent to that email address also. Furthermore, if a mailbox is defined in the system configuration for processing of bounced invitations, the invitation 'from' email defined in the system configuration will be added to the recipients of the replies.