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Invitation report
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Invitation reports provide overall statistics as well as detailed information for one invitation group or all invitation groups for a survey. Invitation reports are available for surveys with at least one invitation group that has a status of "Processing" or "Completed". If all of the invitation groups for a survey have status 'Waiting for processing', then the invitation report is not available.

Invitations are released progressively over time. The larger the number of contacts in an invitation group, the longer the group processing will take. The statistics shown in the invitations reports provide detailed information on the processing advancement of the group.

1. Invitation group

Specifies which invitation groups are shown in the report. When there is more than one group owned by the user for the survey, option "All groups" shows the invitation for all such groups.

Both the statistics and the detailed invitation table are affected by and reflect the choice of the invitation group.

2. Group statistics

The following statistics are available for the selected invitation group (or all groups):

3. Earliest next release of invitations for the group

This section of the invitation report provides the next earliest date and time when emails can be released for each of the invitation groups shown in the report. For groups where no new invitations can be released, the date is listed as '-'. Groups for which no new invitations can be released include completed groups and groups that are not set up to send emails. If no new email can be sent for any of the groups included in the report, then this section is omitted from the report.

4. List of invitations

The invitation list table shows one row for each invitation to a prospective respondent. Both the initial invitation email and any reminders are represented in one row.

The following tools are provided for invitations: