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Invitation group - Parameters
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The parameters tab defines parameters added to the invitation link in the email. URL parameters are useful to track specific data about the respondents or to integrate the system with other software or database systems. Parameter values set for an invitation group must correspond to a subset of the generic response parameters for the survey.

Invitation group parameters

Specifies the parameter values for the group. The parameter key correspond to a generic parameter for the survey. The parameter value is the value that will be defined for the parameter key in the URL.

Example: if parameter key "StoreId" is defined for the survey, setting value "MA23" for the parameter will result in the following invitation URL:


When a respondent clicks on the invitation link in the invitation email, value MA23 will be associated with their response for parameter StoreId.

To substitute a field for a contact as the value of a parameter, use the same tags for contacts as for the invitation email.