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Differences between opting out of and declining invitations
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Respondents may opt out or decline email invitations to respond to surveys. Each of these functions is provided as a link in the invitation emails sent to prospective respondents. When a respondent uses either the decline or the opt out function they will no longer receive any email to the survey corresponding to the invitation. In addition, when opting out, the respondent will no longer receive invitation emails to any survey.

The decline function is included optionally in invitation emails for invitation group. The message shown in the email for the decline link as well as the formatting for the link and its position within the invitation email can be controlled by the user setting up the invitation group (see Invitation group - Email).

The opt out function is included at a footer to invitation emails. The opt out function cannot be removed.

For both the decline and the opt out link, click on the link a second time will cancel the decline or opt out. For example, a respondent clicks on the opt out link. They receive a message that they have opted out from all surveys. Then, the respondent clicks on the opt out link again. The opt out is removed and they are informed that they have opted in.

Both opt out and declines can be removed if necessary from the invitation report.