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Import and export of translations
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Novi Survey supports the export and import of translation for multi-lingual surveys.

The translation import-export tool is available under tool Translate Text in the ribbon menu for the survey list.

Export translation

This function will create an excel spreadsheet with the following content

Import translation

In the file generated by the export, translated messages should be entered by the translator in the appropriate (i.e., 2nd) column.

Note that the translator should not change any of the text for the base language, which is found in the first column of the data table generated by the export (see above).

In the data table, the translator may enter comments in  column ## TRANSLATOR COMMENT ##. These comments are for the use by the translator and the survey owner. Comments are not stored in the system or used by the import process.

Only the cells in the column for the translation and the translator comments should be filled-in by the translator.

Upon selection of the file with the translation, Novi Survey will process the file. The survey id in the header of the file will be matched to the current contextual survey. If the survey id in the file does not match the contextual survey or if the file format is not recognized or the file data is corrupted, an error message is shown. If there are errors detected in the file imported, a new file will be provided that contains details regarding the error encountered. The errors will be listed in the data table under columns:

If the file can be processed successfully, the language for the translation is shown and a button 'Import translation' is available. Pressing the button will import and save the translation for the survey. This operation cannot be undone.