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File synchronization
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File synchronization allows to save data as a file and to import the file into another install of the same version of Novi Survey.


Export Survey and Responses:

None: Only the survey definition is exported

All: The survey definition and the responses for the survey are exported. If the survey has a large number of responses, the export can be large and exceed the maximum size allowed by the web application configuration. In such case, the export will not complete and the error page will be displayed.

The export file when exporting surveys and responses is a password protected archive (ZIP). The password for the archive is displayed in the screen at the time of the export. The password is required to import the archive in another install of the system.


Never: responses in the install will not be modified

Overwrite if more recent: the responses in the install will be overwritten only if the corresponding responses in the imported data were modified more recently

Always overwrite: the imported responses will always overwrite (i.e., replace) the corresponding responses in the install.