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Synchronization of surveys and responses

Novi Survey allows synchronization of surveys and of responses across different installs of the software. The synchronization can be used to replicate or move a survey from one install to another. It can also serve as a means to merge responses for the same survey gathered from several installs (e.g., from installs on laptops or tablet computers) into a central warehouse for unified data analysis. In general data can be synchronized across different installs of Novi Survey only if the installs are for the same version of the software.

Note that synchronization of data can result in data being deleted from an install of Novi Survey. For example, consider a response that exists in 2 installs of Novi Survey (e.g., the response was created in one of the installs as a result of a synchronization operation). If the response is deleted (e.g., using the response deletion tool in the browse screen) and the responses for the survey are synchronized back into the other install, then the response will be deleted from the target install during the synchronization.

The synchronization screen is accessed from the Synchronize Surveys tool in the Admin ribbon menu.

For details on using the synchronization feature, see:

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