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Question show & hide
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Question show & hide allows to specify a condition for one or more questions or visual elements in a page. The questions or visual element will be revealed or hidden to the respondent based on the value for the condition. The condition for a group of questions and elements in a question show & hide is modified for every click or data entry operation performed by the respondent in the page. Therefore, question show & hide allow for dynamic modification of data entry items and descriptive content as soon as the respondent fills out the survey.

Sample uses of question show & hide include:

A question show & hide is composed of a group of question and presentation element, a condition, and the specification of whether the question and elements should be show or hidden when the condition is met.

Question show & hide groups are added to a page from the Page detail screen using tool Question Show & Hide. The tool provides access to the list of question groups in the current page.

Question group list

Each group of question to show or hide is shown as an entry in the page.

Question group add or edit

The questions and visual element to either show or hide and the associated condition are defined in the question group add or edit page.

  1. Questions in group: Defined the question and visual elements to show or hide. These items are added through tools "New survey item", "Edit survey item" and "Delete survey item" in the table of questions and visual elements.

  1. Reveal or hide condition: The condition that determines whether the items in the group will be show or hidden. The condition can include logic elements based on questions, survey parameters, and participants. Note that logic elements for questions are not restricted to questions in the page that contains the group. Question logic elements for questions in page preceding the current page can be included. Conditions based on parameters and participants are not page specific and function identically to conditions of the same type in other modules of the system (e.g., report conditions, page show & hide, skip logic, ...).

  1. The questions and visual elements included in the question show & hide

For details on how to create the condition for a question show & hide, see Conditions.

See also How to: Use condition operators