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Export list
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1. Exports of data are initiated and retrieved from the export list screen in the Exports tab.

A current list of export is available in the export list. In the export list, each row is an export of data.

Exports cannot be removed from the export list directly. However, exports are available for only a certain period of time, typically 36 hours. After this time, the export will no longer appear in the export list and the data for the export will no longer be available.

2. Each exports has a status that can be either running, completed or error.

Export with a status of Error were not completed and will not complete. If an export fail, you may try re-running the export.

3. An indication of the completion state expressed as a percentage is available in the 'Completion' column

4. Once an export is completed, the file containing the exported data is available as a link in the 'Download' column.

5. Running exports can be stopped using tool Cancel export.

6. To start a new export, use the export tool appropriate for the type of data to be exported

See also Define export