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Considering a career in court reporting or captioning? See which traits you possess that are similar to those of a successful court reporter or captioner. Take a few minutes and complete this interest survey. Be sure to be honest with your answers. You might find that a career in court reporting or captioning is the right choice for you.
Remember, court reporters and captioners work with the latest in technology designed to capture and preserve the spoken record. They also have the opportunity to work in a number of unique and interesting venues. From the courtroom to the classroom, to live events such as the Super Bowl or the U.S. State of the Union address, the opportunities to make a difference are endless.

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Disclaimer: The ConsiderSteno survey makes no guarantee, warranty, or promise of a student’s success, fitness, or suitability for a career in reporting. It is intended for use as a guidance tool to generate discussion and further exploration regarding a career in reporting and is valid only for that purpose. Your interests and suitability may change over time. This survey is intended to provide informal career exploration only. You may wish to consider more formal assessments, resources, and services to help plan and determine your suitability for any particular career.   

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