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Spell check the content of a page
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A spell checker is available in Novi Survey for each of the following languages:

  • Afrikaans (af-ZA)
  • Bulgarian (bg-BG)
  • Catalan (ca-ES)
  • Croatian (hr-HR)
  • Czech (cs-CZ)
  • Danish (da-DK)
  • Dutch (nl-NL)
  • English (Australia) (en-AU)
  • English (Canada) (en-CA)
  • English (United Kingdom) (en-UK)
  • English (New Zealand) (en-NZ)
  • English (United States) (en-US)
  • French (fr-FR)
  • German (Switzerland) (de-DE)
  • German (Germany) (de-CH)
  • Hebrew (he-IL)
  • Indonesian (id-ID)
  • Irish (ga-IE)
  • Italian (it-IT)
  • Lithuanian (lt-LT)
  • Malay (ms-MY)
  • Norwegian Bokmaal (nb-NO)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO)
  • Polish (pl-PL)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT)
  • Romanian (ro-RO)
  • Russian (ru-RU)
  • Spanish (Spain) (es-ES)
  • Spanish (Mexico) (es-MX)
  • Scottish Gaelic (gd-GB)
  • Slovenian (sl-SI)
  • Swedish (sv-SE)
  • Ukrainian (uk-UA)

The spell checker operates on text defined in the rich text editor. To start checking the spelling for a page, use the 'Spell Check' tool in the ribbon menu. A spell checker window opens that allows to rectify words detected invalid by the spell checker.

When a page contains text for more than one language, one spell checker window is opened for each of the languages.